I've spent the past few years getting coffee with people I admire to 'pick their brain'. I like tech and Medicine — if you're reading this, you're probably similar.

My latest passion project is the Big Picture Medicine Podcast. It's an attempt to share these conversations with the world. I ask the most successful people in Medicine what they're doing and how they got there. It's like MedTech meets the Tim Ferriss Show.

Where to Start

If you want an introductory guide to machine learning in Medicine — just enough so that you understand the field and can read papers, you'll love this episode with Dr Chris Lovejoy.

If you're interested in academia and would love to get involved in cool medical AI projects — you'll get lots of useful advice from Dr Pearse Keane.

If you know who Tim Ferris is you'll love this episode with Dr Ali Abdaal or the Productivity Professor: Neil Sebire . If you want a career outside of Medicine in the 'business world' — you'll get lots of value from this episode with Dr Charlotte Lee.